BF (Best Friend) Sports is a comprehensive, sports recreation program that focuses on athletics development and interpersonal skills.

Our Mission

BF Sports was started by a few friends with one goal: make friends while working hard to improve your sports and interpersonal skills. We provide services such as group and individual training, after-school programs, birthday parties, and more. When you choose BF Sports, you are choosing more than just a sports enhancement program. Rather, you are choosing a company that will foster and grow relationships to develop your child to be successful in society. Although basketball is our specialty, we have extensive knowledge of all sports and are here for all of your athletic needs. 

Our Founders

Henri “Boo” Burford

Henri is a White Plains, New York native. A former physical education teacher and an active career White Plains firefighter. His love for sports developed at an early age. Growing up he played football and basketball. Henri was a 2-year starter at White Plains High School from 1996-1998. He went on to receive a full athletic scholarship to St. Vincent College where he was a First Team, All-Conference player and 1,000 point scorer. He started his pro career in the USBL league with the Brooklyn Kings and competed in several tour leagues in Europe with Hoops Global Agency, under historic coach Kevin Macley. Henri is the former head coach of White Plains High School Freshman and Junior Varsity Basketball teams. He has worked as a head coach in several NBA basketball camps, such as Iman Shupert, JR Smith, David Lee, Steve Novak and Tim Hardaway JR’s camps!

Farid Johnson

Farid is from Yonkers, New York. At a young age, he developed a love for sports; basketball being his favorite. In high school, he did not make the varsity team and spent most of his time on the bench in 10th grade while playing for the junior varsity team. Through extremely hard work and dedication, he finished high school as a two-sport athlete, earned all-state honors in basketball, was a finalist for Mr. Westchester in 1999, and is currently in the Hastings High School Hall of Fame. At Manhattanville College, he is one of the top 20 scorers all-time and holds the record for the most blocks in one season. Farid knows what it takes to play and perform at some of the highest levels. He also knows that sports can take you places beyond a court or field. This realization was cemented when he played basketball with the former president of the United States, Barack Obama!

Farid is currently a principal of an elementary school in Westchester County, New York

Our recreation programs offer clinics, camps, after school activities individual training for any sport, by qualified, expert coaches.